Site specific performance, 50 min.
Romanshorner Luftspiele, Bodensee CH
Composition for a human voice and nine alphorns

With Romanshorner Luftspiele, Austrian artist Barbara Anna Husar created a stage in a place between lake and sky, between three ships and her flying udder sculpture.

Commissioned to take this stage, the voice performed an echo of ritual chants from around the globe together with nine alphorn players from the region: the voice sounding from the balloon basket and the alphorns calling in groups of three from each ship.

Alphorn players:
Linus Albrecht
Kevin Bereuter
Mario Bilgeri
Elmar Dorn
Simon Gmeiner
Heinrich Maurer
Wolgang Maurer
Christian Natter
Andreas Sutterlütti 

Photos: Andrea Tina Stadler, Elmar Bertch