Hear Me Out (2023)
Site-specific sound installation
Lindenplatz, Basel CH
2-channel audio, looped, 05:26 min.

Two retired phone booths. A person with a traumatic relation to his own voice due to hearing impairment in the voice spectrum. A recording session within the booths, of the person facing his sound, making up the material for two compositions, subsequently playing in the same spaces.

As a visitor, you are alone with the sound. You are part of a public space through vision, but auditorily you are isolated with the sound of a person’s struggle and intimate courage.

The piece plays with the booth as our hearing; a voice is inside and outside simultaneously, spoken and heard, in the head of the speaker, as vibratory sensation and expelled breath, performing an oscillation between self and world. The person is heard leaving the booths, closing the door behind him. He is out in public communicating and parenting, and also, he is inside the intimate space, dealing with himself and his voice.