Giddy goes Ghillie (2022)
Mixed media installation
1-channel audio, looped, 30 min
Takes on a visual identity according to the surroundings

Pictured wearing headphones, porcelain figures (The Four Aches) and iso mats in the group exhibition Muffled Vision with Pirmin Hagen, Severin Hagen and Christine Katscher in Kunstraum Engländerbau, Vaduz LI (2022)

Wooden sculptural work in the images by Pirmin and Severin Hagen

Voice by Michael Thorpe


Giddy goes Ghillie operates as a distorted audio guide. Rather than offering explanation and contextualisation in a given space, the audio approaches the concept of disorientation from various angles (spatial, cultural, cognitive, social), inviting the visitor into a disoriented overdrive.

Set up like a self-hypnosis tape, it applies a recognizable voicing similar to the soul guide, repeatedly telling the listener what will happen, once the narrator has counted from 10 down to one, which never actually takes place.

In this way moving in a liminal space, as opposed to always looking for the fastest way to overcome disorientation, to re-orientate, Giddy goes Ghillie looks into what can be achieved by leaning into the experience, when we let ourselves be shaken by queer inter-frequentiality.

The guide speaks of the idea of camouflage; to become part of an environment and enter a dissolved presence. More specifically, the Ghillie Suit, an extreme form of camouflage which only works in a very specific environment. Stepping slightly out of this environment, the camouflaged enters a visual presence that is louder than ever. The more precise a camouflage, the narrower the range of possible movements.

The word Ghilli Suit is a reference to Ghillie Dhu, a male fairy clothed in leaves and moss in Scottish mythology.

Gille: lad, youth, boy
Dubh: dark, dark-haired